Staying Wonky, the future and the past mixed together to make something not quite good as either but better than both. Spawned in Scouseland with an unconventional mixed assortment of Sunny D, Fluffy Rugz, Nike Webs, White Socks, Stuart Little, Dr. Seuss, Couch Surfing, Fat breakys off ya nan, Dippin a chip in your mcflury, Hardcore mosh pits, Gaffin till the next day, Swerve VAR, Phil Mitchell’s right hand, Blag parking passes, Woodstock 2069, Roast dinner at a rave, Fat pint with Dennis the Menace, If you eat a Gregg’s sausage roll everyday you can see in the dark, Hunter S Thompson, Punk isn’t dead, Tupac is the No Mind official accountant, Biggie Smalls is interning next year with us, this bus is well late, proper pan ed’s round here yano, that’s why I don’t like cricket, ya maa on toast, that’s about it really, buy our clobber, Stay Wonky x

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